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New life for the European Popular Drama, rediscovering its own roots !

Showcase2021 – How to Apply




How to apply:

1 Go to the login / registration page Login / Registration page

2. Login with your Open Street Username and Password

2bis. If you are not yet Open Street member or subscriber please make a new registration clicking on “REGISTER”, login the platform, click on “Edit Profile” and fill out your PROFILE in all its parts


3. If you haven’t already please upload your cover photo, profile photo and general description (in english)


4. If you want to participate with a show already existing in the Open Street database please click on ACTIVITIES label on your Profile Page


4bis. If you want to participate with a new production please click on NEW ACTIVITY label


5. Insert the URL of your video promo video (from 2 to 5 minutes) respecting the syntax

6. If your production have 1, 2 or 3 persons involved then you can flag the field “I WANT APPLY TO M&D SHOWCASE”


6. Please fill out and save the form, then check if your show is in the list of received applications


Please download and read carefully this international call !