Mysteries & Drolls

New life for the European Popular Drama, rediscovering its own roots !



Let’s relaunch popular theater! You could help us by filling out our survey on Contemporary Popular Theatre


Survey for Artists and Companies:
Survey for Festival Organizers and Programmers:


To fill out the 20 multiple-selection questions of the M&D Survey it takes no more than 7 minutes. By completing the survey, Artists, Companies and Operators of the European Performing Arts can give enormous help in understanding the problems of the creatives staffs of the sector and relaunch the Popular Theatre by encouraging innovation. In fact, the data collected will be published in a book which will document the research carried out by Mysteries & Drolls, and which will be delivered to the European Commission.


Just 7 minutes of your time to give new life to the popular theatre. Don’t forget to give your contribute: you will be indexed on our book and you will receive a free copy! The first deadline for filling the survey is on February 28th.
Many thanks in advance for your kind collaboration.