Mysteries & Drolls arrives at the peak of its activity plan for the year 2019 with the first international showcase dedicated to artists, companies and programmers from all over Europe. An appointment that from 12 to 14 July 2019 will find its place in the magical context of Mercantia, the longest-running festival of Italian Street Theater, born in 1988 in the medieval scenery of the town of Certaldo. We are in the province of Florence, in the village that inspired the "Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio who was born here about 7 centuries ago.

Many are the project activities that intersect this event and that within it take on importance among the audience and the operators of the sector. First of all, the construction of a large network dedicated to Mysteries & Drolls and composed of companies and operators from over 15 different countries. Then the preview presentation of the three theatrical creation projects realized by the project's production partners: "El Gran Teatro del Mundo" by Maracaibo Theater (Spain), "Stanislaw & Boleslaw" by Teater A / Proscenium (Poland), "Everyman" by Tempus Fugit (Germany). Finally the realization on Saturday, July 13th, of the International Conference "Mysteries & Drolls: new life to the Popular Theater rediscovering its roots", in which theater scholars and anthropologists from 4 countries will participate.

An unique event which will reserve a series of surprises for operators, artists, enthusiasts. A large-scale sowing, of which we hope to soon be able to reap the generous fruits.


Friday 12th July
4:30 pm: Meeting with the Mysteries & Drolls companies
6:30 pm: Mysteries & Drolls Showcase in the frame of Mercantia Festival

Saturday 13th July
10:30 am: “New life to the popular theatre rediscovering its roots” Mysteries & Drolls Symposium at “Casa del Boccaccio” Museum.
Meeting with the best european researcher on popular performing arts
4:00 pm: Meeting with the Mysteries & Drolls production partner about the previews of the three project creation. Other Mysteries & Drolls companies presentation
6:30 pm: Mysteries & Drolls Showcase in the frame of Mercantia Festival

Sunday 14th July
4:00 pm: Mysteries & Drolls companies presentation
6:30 pm: Mysteries & Drolls Showcase in the frame of Mercantia Festival


Certaldo Basso
10th-11th-12th- july, 22.00: Teatro Lunatico in “Inferno”

Via Boccaccio
10th-11th-12 thjuly, 20.00-22.30: Merkel&Vannix (Netherlands) “JØttunjØl”
13th-14th- july, 20.00-22.30: Merkel&Vannix (Netherlands) “JØttunjØl”

Sottosuoli albergo Il castello
12th-13-th14th july, 22.00-23.15: Fabio Cicchiello “Opinioni di un uomo comune”

Palazzo Pretorio – la Cappellina
10th-11th july, 21.30-23.40: Cappello Rosso “En cage”

Museo Arte Sacra
12th-13th-14th July, 22.15-23.10: Teatrio 35 “Un lampo di magnesio”

Casa Boccaccio – piano terra
12th-13th-14th july, 22.00-23.15: “Trabagai teatro stornelli infernali”

Palazzo Pretorio – acquarium
10th-11th-12th- july, 22.00: Farfarello “Rapsodia della divina commedia”

Piazza SS. Annunziata
10th-11th-12th- july, 23.25: Amanitas Fire Theatre (Rep.Ceca) “3Graces”
13th july, 00.10: Amanitas Fire Theatre (Rep.Ceca) “3Graces”
13th july 18.15: BadaBimBumBand “Opus band”
14th july 00.10: Accademia Creativa “Devil’s parade”
14th july 23.40: Amanitnas Fire Theatre (Rep.Ceca) “3Graces”

Convento Agostiniani – giardino
10th-11th-12th- july, 21.50-23.10: Flare performance(Austria) – “Sakura’s Dream”

Palazzo Pretorio – giardino
10th-11th july, 22.30-23.40: Hanna Mouisala/Lumo Company (Finlandia) “wire do”
12th-13th-14th july 22.50-24.00: Hanna Mouisala/Lumo Company (Finlandia) “wire do”

10th-11th july, 22.20: Strange Comedy (Germania/Canada/USA) “The strange comedy show”
10th-11th july, 21.30-23.20: Trio Trioche “ Troppe arie”
12th-13th-th14 july, 21.20-23.20: Arnoldo Mangini “Zen & now”
12th-13th-14th july, 21.40-24.00: Trio Trioche “ Troppe arie”
12th-13th-14th july, 22.30: Strange Comedy (Germania/Canada/USA) “The strange comedy show”

Piazza della libertà
12th-13th-14th july, 22.30:  Teatr A “Stanislaw & Boleslaw” (Poland)