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Neues Leben im Europäischen Volkstheater, seine Wurzeln wiederentdeckend!






STUDIES – PHASE 1 – 2018

The German partner TEMPUS FUGIT in Lörrach, is the fulcrum of whole research program. The first phase, started in February 2018 under the supervision of the actor Andrea Brugnera, art director of project, aims to identify the roots of a European popular dramaturgy that comes not only from the literary sources, but from the languages and the images of the human behaviour and nature, as well as from the iconographical heritage in arts and popular traditions. However, a premable for whole research activity must be fixed: searching for roots of popular theatre, if we start only from the observation of the Liturgical Drama, which is already a profound part of the Christian Rite, we risk to scuttle within this vision, and the Spectacular Event is no more interesting than the pure Spiritual Involvement that it communicates. Indeed, if we "go down" in contact with the popular substratum "emerging" outside the context of the "Temple" , in the public square (which is pagan), we find ourselves suddenly immersed in the Carnival, deeply in contact with the Archaic, Hell and Reality of the Animal and Cosmic Forces that govern Man. It is only through this contamination, inevitable commingling, provocation and conflict at same time, that the original drama and the representation, both of the sacred and of the street-theatre with his buffoons, were born and result to be conceivable. The first step is to settle a form of “census”, by analyzing and mapping all partners areas and tracing as many "cultural deposits" as possible, such as events, traditions, documentation centres, specialists, reserachers, univeristy sources, public and private libraries, museums and collections. All data will be collected in a public online network, opened to continuous update and enrichments by all cultural operators of whole Continent.